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06:39 am: OH mY so much going on in "equestrian"

 Now things are for sure a bit out of hand on the forum.  I thought I had seen some of the nastiest things go on there that I ever would but this latest has really made me stop and consider what the fuck the ppl in the world are coming to. 

I like Harnessphoto and enjoy reading her posts and always have. She is one of my very fe   friends. I find her mind quite refreshing. If half the rest used their mind as much as she many ppl might be better off. I thought if anyone knew her at all that at the end of her first paragraph the "evil grin" should have tipped off anyone with a mind that maybe she was not being serious here.

Now I am older than most on this forum and may look at some things a bit differently. I do very much agree with Harnessphotos aproach to life as where she does not let anyone push her around. I have never either. I may be 48 but it was only two yrs ago the last time I grabbed someone, right or wrong. The person had very much done me wrong. I heard he was broke down on the sid eof the road and I went after him. Grabbed him by his throat and proceeded to pull him from his van while his brother begged for me to leave him alone. The bastard had just stolen 5 brand new pairs of snowshoes from my enclosed front porch that I had just bought for our family for Christmas. Maybe that was not the right way to handle it( I did call the fucking cops, like they care though) but it was handled. No matter ones opinion it was my way of handling it and that is my decision to make. So Harnessphoto made a decision on how to handle something and right or wrong by whoevers opinionn that was her choice. I personally found it funny. She in no way caused what happened after that at all. That was done by whoever emailed the satire to J's barn owner. J, I do not know at all. I do really feel for her situation though even though I do think she herself at times handles herself on here questionable at times.

I am so sick of seeing ppl lit into on this forum for stupid fucking crap. I do believe J was on of the ones who tore into Evergrey last week. I really did take offense to that. As far as I can see evergrey has been the best thing to come into Solomons life. That horse has put on weight, brightened right up and his whole attitude seems to ahve changed since she has found him. Evergrey also has a serious disease which makes it most impossible to lose weight. I do think the comments were very hurtful. It is hard for someone who has always been thin to know just how much comments such as thta can hurt someone. She knows she's overweight for gods sake. SHE is the one who lives her life. I do not think there is any set rule for weight, it much depends on the horse and the breed. IF I thought that she was harming that animal by riding it the little she has I would have said something, but something nicely said. There was no need for Well, thank god you tried not to bounce.  That is hurtful and accomplished nothing more than hurting her feelings greatly. Now what the fuck does that accomplish? It could and has many times caused ppl, to avoid further hurt, to shut themselves up, to not leavfe their homes, to hide from the world. Is that healthy and productive? I think not. Everyone is so concerned they say for the horses. Then why do I see posts created for the sole purpose of " oh look, new pink bell boots" while the horse is tied to a wheelbarrow? Or drafts in a lovely barn but unable to life their heads up above their withers as the ceiling is too low. Or the post where the woven wire fence is hanging down below the horses knees. Is that not endangering the horse?

I do have four girls of my own, ages 19 - 29. I do realize the drama they can create. I have not yet forgotten my own younger yrs either. I think harnessphoto shows more maturity for her age than many on here. She certainly is able to handle a bad situation with maturity, quick thinking, and many times brillance. If the rest her age could respond to events as she we might be getting somewhere. No matter whether someone agrees wiwth what she did or not imo she did not cause J's problem. No, someone else took it upon themselves to create that. I know what it's like to all of a sudden lose where you keep your horse. I once was asked to leave the same day. I had had a little confrontation with the land owners tenant who had not fed their dog in two weeks. I arrived to find the dog had eaten my saddle and bridle as the tenant had moved it within the chained dogs reach. I went to her door and said she was to come out right now and feed and water that dog or I would drag her out there to do it. She did it. The next day the land owner was waiting for me. I ended up walking my horse around the dirt roads and sleeping on the side of the road with her and my donkey for three days. So , yes I do know what losing a place for your horse is about. If I knew who this fucking worthless piece of crap was I would track her down myself and I really think she'd think again before doing anything remotely like this again.  IF she has any sense at all she would anyway. I've never had anyone not after a confrontation with me and of that I am positive. And for sure we know it was a female who did it. Women seem to thrive on thta kind of crap unfortunately. That's being nothing more than a filthy dirty fucking worthless rat. And a rat is the one thing I have no use for at all. Well, I can think of a use but best to leave thta out I think as I'm considering leaving this public, not that anyone reads it but anyway.

I just don't understand causing this kind of hurt. I have spent my life thus far helping others, not hurting them. Why in the world would anyone want to be a hurtful person. Seems to be many on this forum sometimes. Maybe why I have always chosen to stay away from the lesson barns and such, huh? I am almost 5'11" myself and about 215. NOt small, I know it, don't need to be told. And whoever it was wanted to talkk of heavier ppl not being healthy and productive. Well, even with my spine disease and my doctores orders not to do hardly anything I would just bet I can work just as hard if not harder than many on this forum. Day before yesterday I moved three huge piles of very heavy sod and it didn't take me long either. I think I am quite fit, maybe not healthy but I did not ask for all of these diseases I have either nor did evergrey I just bet.

Is it not possible for ppl to be nice to each other anymore? Do ppl get their jollies being so mean and inconsiderate to others? What a sad world we have become if this is so. I was happy to see the person throwing the racial slurs cast out. Good enough. Now I can see just how low some here are. Incredibly low.

I gave up giving my opinion on anything long ago. Either I'm told that what I'm doing isn't possible although it may be something I've been doing for a very long time. Or the post is tottally taken wrong, again that interent tone thing, or only half the post will be read and then commented on before the person even knows what it really says. When I see a horse tied to a wheelbarrow I so want to say something but refrain. My vet knows nothing. My farrier who has worked at Buckingham Palace knows nothing. I know nothing. I have had my own horses for 40 yrs this yr and I wouldn't trade what I have learned in those yrs for any amount of lessons from one of these fancy barns with the snobby young girls who will say things like, "All my life I've...., yeah, all my life my ass, many are still in their parents care and I don't care what they think they know, they know shit about life. Harnessphoto has seen hard times, has not had everything handed to her and is not at all afraid of work. Having a work ethic myself that never quits I can admire that and do. I do not feel she had any idea at all that all this would happen, she did what she did out of wanting to see something better happen in this community although that does not seem likely at all. So she stands up for herself. That is not wrong and is the better way of approaching life imo. She is a real asset to the ppl at bluestone. Yes, she is still very young too. There have been one or two times where I thought huh, I wouldn't say she has totally learned that yet, there is a bit more to know about this than that. But not often. She is very young and learning. She tries very hard, HAS learned a lot and continues to enrich her education and I'm sure being the type of girl she is, always will. 

There are many on here whom I feel really know their shit, which is why I still bother to stay here. It sure does suck that all  this other crap is always going on in the middle of the good stuff.  Okay, that's about it I guess , not that my opinion is valued around the community anyhow but this one was not going to go by without my two cents even if only in my journal.

Keep up with all youir hard work harnessphoto, YOU will succeed in life where so many on here have already terribly failed and will never amount to shit. I do still admire your intelligence. Keep using your mind, don't let it idle. You will come out on top where some of the rest will always slither in the dirt. I do sure hope you are able to get things straightened around for J.

It does really distress me that humans have so much trouble trying to be nice to one another. It just isn't supposed to be that way. We do not need more hate in this world, we need compassion and understanding, and to care about the welfare of one another.

Just my thoughts on the recent matters.

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Date:July 25th, 2008 09:46 pm (UTC)
you seriously just made me cry my eyes out. your opinion means a lot to me, and i know that you silently observe a lot of what goes on here on LJ without commenting. i was aware that my mouth is too big for my own good sometimes, but i never thought it would come back to bite me the way it has. i still have a lot to learn, and this week has been a big teacher. your support means more than words can describe.

j is exactly who you think it is, and while i often comment on a certain fat girl on a teeny tiny horse, i think J's comments on evergrey's posts took it too far. Solomon clearly did not appear to be suffering, and being nasty just for the sake of being nasty doesn't really appeal to me (although i'm sure many people will never believe that now).

i'm going to tell you this because i trust you, but it will not be mentioned on my blog, or elsewhere on LJ-
but J's situation got resolved. the BO came around and is letting her horse stay. the relief that news brought me is immense, but it does little to ease the guilt i feel over the whole thing.

i never could have predicted that someone would be this malicious, and it was not my intent for this to go as far as it did. i don't think my satire was evil enough to warrant this sort of thing, and i would have thought that anyone with half a brain could have laughed at it, or at the very least let it go. what i forgot is that 90% of society doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. i should have taken that into account before posting so carelessly on equestrian.

*hugs tight*

they say, "you live you learn", right?
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Date:July 27th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Damn. So I just now had a few minutes in which I was going to use to reply to you and wouldn't ya know it was 2000 some odd characters too long so it wouldn't post. I'll never get this. So I chucked it and I will try again soon. Out of time right now. I brought home a couple of used saddles from a tack shop an hour away yesterday to try on Echo. Kenny is now done working on this car so I'll enlist his help for a bit and do that. I want to ride her up the road a bit. I have not ridden but one or two times in 15 yrs and she has never been out of her pasture until this month so i was goin gto have Kenny walkk along beside us. Sounds childish I know, but likely safer. Echo is a real sweetheeart, not a mean or devious thing about her. Got a new helmet too. Think I sold my last one, can't find it around anyhow.

I'm sorry I made you cry. The last thing I intended, I'm sure you have had no shortage of tears this week. That is just fantastic news that you were able to get things smoothed over, I thought you'd be able to unless the BO was just a very unreasonable lady. Cool. I hope that made you feel a little better.

I see the whole thing is still building to a point and exploding at times. "Meupatdoes" conversation with you yesterday in the post I think started by "eloquence" was some fucking special, huh? What is wrong with her? Sure thinks she has all the answers though don't she. Wow.

Think I missed the comments you are talking about with the teeny tiny horse and not so tiny rider. Think I missed the ones "appalonia" was talking about too with the person who had already ruined one horse and was working on another. And the one whre the Jannka gilr was warned over some comment she made of antoher one which had been made about her. Don't know. Guess I miss a whole lot must be. I don't know how though. Maybe because I end up reading htem when they are new and then more comments get added. I think that may be how I'm missing so much.

If ppl were so concerned about all the unweight related safety issues on here I drop of shock.

Gotta go before Kenny starts to work on the yard or I'll miss my opportunity. Jeez, I wish I had someone with a bit of horse knowledge whom I could get on occassion to help me a bit.Kenny knows naught of horses.

Have a wonderful day. Sure hope things are feeling better for you. Please be careful of this nut at the store. That is exactly how horrible happenings begin you know. And I think it an excellent idea to keep a log of when and where you see him with times and what he did or said. After you have developed a log of him for a while you will be able to do more in the line of an order. IF you have enough documented events they will have to listen. Tehy are now trying to change some things a bit. Too many ppl getting hurt because of their old ways of doing nothing about crap until the perp actually commits a crime because by then it is often too late. Don't become a statistic please. Be careful okay?

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Date:July 27th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
the ride sounds like a very exciting idea! i hope it went well and that you had fun. that's the sort of thing we should all do more of. less internet drama, more real life pleasure.

this thing probably won't go away for a good long time, but i'm working on putting it behind all of us. i don't know why christina (meupatdoes) is being such a raging bitch this week. she's a real life friend of jara's, and was supposed to come up and ride Ozzy once upon a time (before i had second thoughts). she doesn't seem to be able to pick a side, and really loves jumping down my throat.

you'd think she'd watch her mouth a bit more since i'm apparently such a psycho and know where she keeps her horse. i'm trying to ignore her, but she really knows how to egg me on. she's not half as special as she thinks she is.

i think you're better off missing the comments with all the drama in them. they're not worth it most of the time.

let me know how the ride goes!
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Date:September 16th, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
i wasn't the one who said "thank god you tried not to bounce," carrie was. so i dunno what comments i said that were out of line?
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Date:September 17th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
Okay, point duly noted, and you are correct. So many comments of poor choice were made that evening it is hard to know who said what. But you are very right as I just went backk through that whole mess. You certainly did make comments though thta were not very nice and imo quite hateful. I speak with that girl on a daily basis and she is doing wonderful with Sol and she has also lost 17lbs this summer. At least she is trying and not on a board trying to hurt others feelings.
I do got to say though that post is nowhere near as hateful as the one you made in Poseewi personal journal. I agree we know nothing about who that woman is and what she does but it is also NOT our business. Actually that whole situation rather upset me and I made a long post on it in my journal which you are welcome to read. I have nothing against you myself but wow, why do you have to be so mean to ppl. Yoiu have obviously received much wrong info on the gov disability system and native american life as well. I want no trouble with you, I do wish you could be nicer to ppl though. And it's not me so why do I care,right? Because I spend my life being nice to others and helping in any way I can even if it takes away from myself. I am native american and on disability. I really don't think you ever wdant to have to live your life in that way. I don't think you would like it very well. NO ONE chooses this life you know. It is chosen for us. Anyway, go take a read,many have. The comments are hateful and very immature in thta post you made. I reallly could care less what you hvae to say about me but please know that I am above answering any rude comments you might make to me. It will not turn into 154 comments. I am not interested in those games at my age. I do wish you well and hope you can somehow lessen the hate in your heart. It must be horrible to feel the way you do and to be so quick with the hateful comments.Many of us have had very hard lives but that doesn't give us permission to lash out at others. I worked 18 hours a day as long as I possibly could and still took care of 4 little girls. I did not choose to have this disease.And furthermore I paid in plenty of money to SS to get what little I get back you can be sure.
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Date:September 18th, 2008 01:11 am (UTC)
i would really like to know what you consider "quite hateful." i can't remember exactly what i said, of course, but iirc, they were things along the line of "yes you are too big for the horse" and
"it's cruel to ride a horse when you're more than 20-25% of its weight." that's not hateful at all. "you're a fat ugly wench and should never be able to go around a horse again, you asshole" is a hateful comment.

as for not knowing poeseewi, she made herself known when she came on a public comm and posted pics of herself doing something INCREDIBLY dangerous and ignorant, and also posted that she was living on taxpayers' money, supposedly disabled, but yet she's in good enough shape to own, care for and ride horses? yeah, that made it my business. if you don't want comments, don't post on a public forum, it's that simple. and once and for all, maybe you can explain to me what on god's green earth the woman's ethnicity has to do with ANYTHING??? i had no idea she was native american and never said anything about it!

i have no hate in my heart, LOL. it does disgust me to think about people taking advantage of the government and, much worse in my opinion, mistreating and ruining horses out of plain closed minded ignorance. i will never ignore stuff like that. i have no reason to make any rude comments to you, so i wouldn't. that poessiwi woman just posted something that was beyond ignorant and a horrible example for the young people in that community, and really just flat out a stupid thing to do, for herself and that poor pony. what a terrible first riding experience she gave him. i commented to her about that LONG before i found out she was on disability...you can see that from the time stamps on the post. the disability just made everything that much worse!
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Date:September 18th, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
just so you know I am not ignoring your note, I am just right out straight today. I will get to it either early this evening or early tomorrow morning. Thanks for being so cordial. It is appreciated. I do have a couple of things I want to explain so it'll be clear why I said what I said and just have the time right now. Have a wonderful evening.
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