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11:08 am: Doing Just Dandy

Finally better enough today I went out on some errands this morning. Oh, I love this cooler weather but it's not hard to remember what this change will bring us in just a couple more months. I do like the snow though it's just the -40 temperature that I can't take for long.
The horses are enjoying the cooler weather as well and how it makes for less bugs. I think the bugs are getting immune to the bug repellent as I notice they are sometimes now being bothered by them shortly after the repellent being applied. It is supposed to be effective for 5 days.
Maybe I'll go out for a walk and take one of the dogs. We'll see. Don't want to push it since this is the first day in a few I am able to. 
Still having problems getting this LJ all figured out. There is still much I don't get. I know, I must sound like a real dumby and as far as this type of thing I'll be the first to admit I am. I'll keep trying and keep clicking on different things and eventually I will get it. It's just very aggravating until then. 

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