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11:59 am: Off to college she goes

Jeez, only six days and Leah goes off to college. Since she is the youngest of four girls this will leave the house a bit empty. I had plenty of practice for that though while she was in Bolivia her senior year. She won't be that far away and I do enjoy the quieter atmosphere around home for the most part. I never would have believed how expensive it is proving to acquire all the textbooks that she needs. Even used and toting mold one was almost $60. It will be around $500 altogether. I can't even imagine what they would add up to new. I will miss her always happy and giggly personality without doubt.
Sure is cool here today. It is about 50 and almost noon. We are given these early in the season cool days so that we don't stray too far from the reality of winter in northern New England I think. They sure do come every year and they always bring the feel of frigid cold back to me quickly. I do so enjoy the autumn though. Not a better time of year exists for me anyway. The crisp, cool days so calling for you to come out and take part in them. It's the time of year where it is still very nice out and yet you can exert a bit of energy without the sweat. And the wheel of the year continues to turn.
Echo and little Jakey are starting to add more hair to their coats already. Happens early up here. It always surprises me to see that more times than not they will chose to stand outside in a storm with their backs to the wind when they can come into their little barn and snuggle up.They sure are healthy so I try to leave it up to their judgement which is best, let it be their own choice where they want to be.
Well, I guess I need to run into town and pick up a couple of things to thwart off all the negativity which will come my way when the others get back from their daily activities and not find food within an hour or less of being ready. Imagine! I'm not sure what has ever given anyone the idea that I have signed on as chef but they sure got it somewhere.When it was just Kenny and myself,and Leah when she's in the country, it was one thing. Now that there is five I think that someone else needs to have a part in it as well. Oh well, I just as soon not deal with it today, the rest of the day seems to be going okay so I'll just do what I can to keep it that way. Although I must say things seem to be a bit brighter in general lately and I'm quite sure I know why but will save that for another time.
With the close of another season it will be time to harvest and dry the herbs,roots and whatnot that I may need. Only have perennials this year as with the threat of having to move I did not plant anything that I might not be here to harvest, to leave behind.
On that note, my lawyer says this is without doubt a retaliatory eviction and with all the agencys that are involved in this because of all the irresponsible behavior of this landlord we will certainly win the case in the end. I've never had money in life so I really don't care so much about that but like I told the lawyer this man needs to be taught the meaning of what it is to be a landlord and to be sure that he thinks twice before ever assaulting the environment or another human like he has here and to us again. The guy from the Agency of Natural Resources was very upset over the pipe which leads from the septic tank to the brook for sure. It has upset me for seven years now I'm glad it's finally upsetting someone else. Good. Wonderful! There is I believe 76 complaints against this landlord on our countersuit. Our lawyer says that is nearly unheard of, a landlord just being that ignorant of the health and welfare of others. Once when I asked this man how I was to get out of the upstairs windows in case of fire,as they were very small and crank out, he said,"Adrenaline is the answer to that," "When the flames start licking your ass, you'll figure it out." I was shocked when I heard that. My lawyer says all this stuff is great and the fact that all these years I have kept a journal on this guy with everything he has said or done in it is just unbelievably a very smart thing to have done on my part. Cool, I thought it likely would be. 
Okay, off to town-

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Date:August 23rd, 2007 01:09 pm (UTC)
hi! i read your post in equestrian and decided to check your journal out. hope you don't mind that i added you as a friend.
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Date:August 23rd, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
ditto. :-)
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