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August 16th, 2007

11:08 am: Doing Just Dandy

Finally better enough today I went out on some errands this morning. Oh, I love this cooler weather but it's not hard to remember what this change will bring us in just a couple more months. I do like the snow though it's just the -40 temperature that I can't take for long.
The horses are enjoying the cooler weather as well and how it makes for less bugs. I think the bugs are getting immune to the bug repellent as I notice they are sometimes now being bothered by them shortly after the repellent being applied. It is supposed to be effective for 5 days.
Maybe I'll go out for a walk and take one of the dogs. We'll see. Don't want to push it since this is the first day in a few I am able to. 
Still having problems getting this LJ all figured out. There is still much I don't get. I know, I must sound like a real dumby and as far as this type of thing I'll be the first to admit I am. I'll keep trying and keep clicking on different things and eventually I will get it. It's just very aggravating until then. 

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August 13th, 2007

11:48 am: Technologically Challenged I Am

Trying to get this LJ account set up and figuring out how to operate it is certainly presenting myself with a challenge. I am not very adept at technology stuff at all. I wish computers would have been present in schools when I was there, but they didn't come along for several more years. After a time I am usually able to figure it out but not without much frustration. I have absolutely no patience what so ever and I am working on that.

Still don't have the new cell phone figured out as yet but since my pain is even worse than yesterday I won't be doing much again today and will likely get that figured out today as well. I so hope by tomorrow I will be somewhat recovered from my Saturday travel and outing. I do get awful discouraged dealing with this disease but am trying hard to do better with it. Since there is nothing that can be done about it and I will be dealing with it the rest of my life I have to. I've been dealing with it now for almost 30 years so one would think I would be used to it by now but as each thing comes up that I can no longer do it seems to hit me all over again. I do so miss riding my horse and snowshoeing. Oh well.

Must be my farrier has gone on one his trips to visit his brother in Uraguay as he hasn't been answering his phone for two weeks now. His brother owns a dude ranch there as well as a silver mine in Bolivia. I wish I did. They come from an old English family and their dad was President of Harvard Univ. for a time. He is just the best farrier ever and a wonderful guy in general. Very down to earth and honest.

Guess this is all I'm going to get for sitting time right now. I hurt to much to sit here anymore. Maybe later I can return. Did have more to say but it will now have to wait.

I will though take time to say how happy I am to hear that Elfwenchs son seems to be making progress. I do so hope he continues on this upswing trend and wish her much strength through this horrible time.

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August 12th, 2007

10:13 am: Slow Day
Well, I'm not moving too well today. Spent yesterday roaming about the Northeast Kingdom. Stopped by a few sales and antique shops. Picked up a couple of items of interest and three blankets. With the cold season approaching and these cold blooded Dobermans I have there are never enough it seems. With this whole procedure they have to go through when hunkering down in them they do not last very long before they have holes, thus I continually look for them at yard sales whenever I can. We had lunch at this fabulous old country store and walked about the village for a time. As I can barely move today I guess it was a bit much for my disease riddled spine. I know my limits but sometimes must go beyond them to get a bit of enjoyment out of life and now I must deal with it.
Am missing Ryan and Riley (grandsons) a whole lot. It has been a week now since we brought them back home to Rhode Island. They were here with us for six weeks of the summer. It is hard for me at times with the extra work involved with having them but I would not have it any other way.It is soooo hard not having them right here in the area anymore. Jen is due with her little girl in Oct. so it won't be long before I have another one close by to spoil and teach life matters to. 
Can't stand to sit here anymore. Guess I'll go read for a while and maybe try to figure out this cool new cell phone I bought on Friday. I do seem to have a hard time with all electronic technology. I'll go rest and try to figure it out and maybe in a while after my meds kick in I will feel well enough to do something more with my day, I can hope.
                                                                                                            Later - Athystle

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