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July 25th, 2008

06:39 am: OH mY so much going on in "equestrian"

 Now things are for sure a bit out of hand on the forum.  I thought I had seen some of the nastiest things go on there that I ever would but this latest has really made me stop and consider what the fuck the ppl in the world are coming to. 

I like Harnessphoto and enjoy reading her posts and always have. She is one of my very fe   friends. I find her mind quite refreshing. If half the rest used their mind as much as she many ppl might be better off. I thought if anyone knew her at all that at the end of her first paragraph the "evil grin" should have tipped off anyone with a mind that maybe she was not being serious here.

Now I am older than most on this forum and may look at some things a bit differently. I do very much agree with Harnessphotos aproach to life as where she does not let anyone push her around. I have never either. I may be 48 but it was only two yrs ago the last time I grabbed someone, right or wrong. The person had very much done me wrong. I heard he was broke down on the sid eof the road and I went after him. Grabbed him by his throat and proceeded to pull him from his van while his brother begged for me to leave him alone. The bastard had just stolen 5 brand new pairs of snowshoes from my enclosed front porch that I had just bought for our family for Christmas. Maybe that was not the right way to handle it( I did call the fucking cops, like they care though) but it was handled. No matter ones opinion it was my way of handling it and that is my decision to make. So Harnessphoto made a decision on how to handle something and right or wrong by whoevers opinionn that was her choice. I personally found it funny. She in no way caused what happened after that at all. That was done by whoever emailed the satire to J's barn owner. J, I do not know at all. I do really feel for her situation though even though I do think she herself at times handles herself on here questionable at times.

I am so sick of seeing ppl lit into on this forum for stupid fucking crap. I do believe J was on of the ones who tore into Evergrey last week. I really did take offense to that. As far as I can see evergrey has been the best thing to come into Solomons life. That horse has put on weight, brightened right up and his whole attitude seems to ahve changed since she has found him. Evergrey also has a serious disease which makes it most impossible to lose weight. I do think the comments were very hurtful. It is hard for someone who has always been thin to know just how much comments such as thta can hurt someone. She knows she's overweight for gods sake. SHE is the one who lives her life. I do not think there is any set rule for weight, it much depends on the horse and the breed. IF I thought that she was harming that animal by riding it the little she has I would have said something, but something nicely said. There was no need for Well, thank god you tried not to bounce.  That is hurtful and accomplished nothing more than hurting her feelings greatly. Now what the fuck does that accomplish? It could and has many times caused ppl, to avoid further hurt, to shut themselves up, to not leavfe their homes, to hide from the world. Is that healthy and productive? I think not. Everyone is so concerned they say for the horses. Then why do I see posts created for the sole purpose of " oh look, new pink bell boots" while the horse is tied to a wheelbarrow? Or drafts in a lovely barn but unable to life their heads up above their withers as the ceiling is too low. Or the post where the woven wire fence is hanging down below the horses knees. Is that not endangering the horse?

I do have four girls of my own, ages 19 - 29. I do realize the drama they can create. I have not yet forgotten my own younger yrs either. I think harnessphoto shows more maturity for her age than many on here. She certainly is able to handle a bad situation with maturity, quick thinking, and many times brillance. If the rest her age could respond to events as she we might be getting somewhere. No matter whether someone agrees wiwth what she did or not imo she did not cause J's problem. No, someone else took it upon themselves to create that. I know what it's like to all of a sudden lose where you keep your horse. I once was asked to leave the same day. I had had a little confrontation with the land owners tenant who had not fed their dog in two weeks. I arrived to find the dog had eaten my saddle and bridle as the tenant had moved it within the chained dogs reach. I went to her door and said she was to come out right now and feed and water that dog or I would drag her out there to do it. She did it. The next day the land owner was waiting for me. I ended up walking my horse around the dirt roads and sleeping on the side of the road with her and my donkey for three days. So , yes I do know what losing a place for your horse is about. If I knew who this fucking worthless piece of crap was I would track her down myself and I really think she'd think again before doing anything remotely like this again.  IF she has any sense at all she would anyway. I've never had anyone not after a confrontation with me and of that I am positive. And for sure we know it was a female who did it. Women seem to thrive on thta kind of crap unfortunately. That's being nothing more than a filthy dirty fucking worthless rat. And a rat is the one thing I have no use for at all. Well, I can think of a use but best to leave thta out I think as I'm considering leaving this public, not that anyone reads it but anyway.

I just don't understand causing this kind of hurt. I have spent my life thus far helping others, not hurting them. Why in the world would anyone want to be a hurtful person. Seems to be many on this forum sometimes. Maybe why I have always chosen to stay away from the lesson barns and such, huh? I am almost 5'11" myself and about 215. NOt small, I know it, don't need to be told. And whoever it was wanted to talkk of heavier ppl not being healthy and productive. Well, even with my spine disease and my doctores orders not to do hardly anything I would just bet I can work just as hard if not harder than many on this forum. Day before yesterday I moved three huge piles of very heavy sod and it didn't take me long either. I think I am quite fit, maybe not healthy but I did not ask for all of these diseases I have either nor did evergrey I just bet.

Is it not possible for ppl to be nice to each other anymore? Do ppl get their jollies being so mean and inconsiderate to others? What a sad world we have become if this is so. I was happy to see the person throwing the racial slurs cast out. Good enough. Now I can see just how low some here are. Incredibly low.

I gave up giving my opinion on anything long ago. Either I'm told that what I'm doing isn't possible although it may be something I've been doing for a very long time. Or the post is tottally taken wrong, again that interent tone thing, or only half the post will be read and then commented on before the person even knows what it really says. When I see a horse tied to a wheelbarrow I so want to say something but refrain. My vet knows nothing. My farrier who has worked at Buckingham Palace knows nothing. I know nothing. I have had my own horses for 40 yrs this yr and I wouldn't trade what I have learned in those yrs for any amount of lessons from one of these fancy barns with the snobby young girls who will say things like, "All my life I've...., yeah, all my life my ass, many are still in their parents care and I don't care what they think they know, they know shit about life. Harnessphoto has seen hard times, has not had everything handed to her and is not at all afraid of work. Having a work ethic myself that never quits I can admire that and do. I do not feel she had any idea at all that all this would happen, she did what she did out of wanting to see something better happen in this community although that does not seem likely at all. So she stands up for herself. That is not wrong and is the better way of approaching life imo. She is a real asset to the ppl at bluestone. Yes, she is still very young too. There have been one or two times where I thought huh, I wouldn't say she has totally learned that yet, there is a bit more to know about this than that. But not often. She is very young and learning. She tries very hard, HAS learned a lot and continues to enrich her education and I'm sure being the type of girl she is, always will. 

There are many on here whom I feel really know their shit, which is why I still bother to stay here. It sure does suck that all  this other crap is always going on in the middle of the good stuff.  Okay, that's about it I guess , not that my opinion is valued around the community anyhow but this one was not going to go by without my two cents even if only in my journal.

Keep up with all youir hard work harnessphoto, YOU will succeed in life where so many on here have already terribly failed and will never amount to shit. I do still admire your intelligence. Keep using your mind, don't let it idle. You will come out on top where some of the rest will always slither in the dirt. I do sure hope you are able to get things straightened around for J.

It does really distress me that humans have so much trouble trying to be nice to one another. It just isn't supposed to be that way. We do not need more hate in this world, we need compassion and understanding, and to care about the welfare of one another.

Just my thoughts on the recent matters.

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July 20th, 2008

09:34 am: Here are the Utlah Pictures

Here's the drawings I commisioned Utlah to do. I am really happy with them, especially the one of Leah and Hannah.

AS said the 1st one is Leah(daughter) and Echo, the 2nd is of Echo, the 3rd is Echo's mom as a foal and her grandmom.

December 31st, 2007

10:40 am: Feeling Stupid
 athystle, posting in equestrian @ 10:01 am: First Picture Post Attempt
 I am not much of a photographer although I do love to try. I have been able to take a few pictures of my mare this weekend and am going to try my luck at posting them. I do have some doubts as to my ability to do such but am giving it a try. 

I would like to know what peoples opinion of her is. You must keep in mind that due to my disability she has not had any work done with her for a long time. She does not nor has ever suffered for attention at any time though. Due to my most herniated disc now being mostly disintegrated due to also having DDD as well as the stenosis I am now having a temporary reduction in the daily pain I experience and have thus been able to start at least longeing her again with hopes of getting her built back up some. So yes, she is overweight and out of shape. I am attempting to get her back in shape and hopefully can find someone to help with continuing her training in anticipation of possibly being able to ride her some once she is safe enough for me to ride although the doctors have forbidden it. They have also forbidden a lot of things that i have no choice but to do so I figure what's the difference. I'm headed for a wheelchair anyhow and figure I might as well get there happy as not. I am still thinking of buying another better trained horse for myself to ride but want to see if I can still take being on a horse still before making the additional investment. IF not I may just have Echo trained for driving in hopes I can still do that at least.

I have been only working with her for one week now and am just amazed at all she has retained from previous training. She still walks,trots and whoas from the longe line to which I am in utter awe. She in my opinion would make a nice driving mare. She is about 15.2 or 15.3. She is half Morgan and half French Canadian. I have owned her mom and her grandmom. Her grandmom was my first horse whom I have spoken of who was crippled from a pelvis fracture when just a young filly unbeknown to us when purchased as at that time in 1971 I knew naught of horses. I have deeply loved each one of them and have so much hope to be able to find a way to use Echo on a regular basis even if only for driving. Please let me know what you think.

Okay, just as I thought, I can't figure it out. Is someone on who would please give me detailed instructions as to how to post pics from photobucket. I found the area to do it from but could not get it to work for me. I was able to find the pics by clicking on the browse button but could get no further.

December 14th, 2007

08:04 am: Horse adventure almost killed me

First I would like to thank all who responded to my story of my mare who would go no further and then layed down with me. I appreciated all your comments. I did try many of the ideas put forth to no avail. A crop, a kick,circling etc. I did not try backing though I don't think. I had a backing issue with her once which I will explain. I don't have her anymore. She died about 12 yrs ago. I was boarding her at a farm which milked cows.She had her daughter whom I have now with her.She was 9 months old. The guy who hauled the milk for this farm left the gate down after picking up the milk. That night there was a big storm. Someone hit her in the road as she had got out through the open gate.They stopped and told the farmer they had hit a horse and couldn't find it. The heartless farmer never even went out to see or gave me a call to let me know.This happened at 11pm.they never even went to look for her until noon the next day and found her dead by the water trough with the filly standing by her side. Apparantly after being hit she had enough life still to get back into teh field with her daughter. I was absolutely devastated. She was born with me. I had her mother for 14yrs. I had had the mare for 18 yrs when she was hit. I still have her daughter who is an exact duplicate of her and she is now 12.These bastard never even said they were sorry to this day. Never offered any compensation either although there is nothing they could have done that would have been enough.So she had an attitude at times but I would have loved to be still dealing with it.

She certainly did have her quirks. She was a very quick thinker. Once while training her to drive I got pretty injured. I have done all the usual ground work in preparation for driving. Ground driven for months,dragged things behind her etc. So one day I hooked her up to this little training cart I had. I walked behind it down our long drive and then up the road toward the cattle barn and my inlaws house. I got down by their garage and was on the lawn. She turned around and looked at me seeing the garage behind us apparantly. She then started backing up on her own.She would not stop. I kept trying to get her to go forward but before Iknew it she had me backed up against the wall of that garage and then still proceeded to push against the garage with me betweeen the cart and building.Needless to say I had massive bruising from this and it hurt real bad.When ready she just walked forward like nothing happened. This was in no way a mean mare.She just did stupid stuff once in a while. She was the sweetest horse ever really.She'd follow me around all day with her head on my shoulder. Would insist on kissing me at every greeting.

Another story.I did the stupid thing this time to begin with. I wanted to go riding. I had to either walk way around the property to get her out as my garden was between the pasture and where I needed her to go. I decided it would be okay(gotta remember I was still only 18 at the time,although I still should have known better) to cut through the garden.Well, this entailed stepping down on the hot wire I had encircling the garden to keep out the 4 rabbits I had which escaped and turned into 64. So I stepped down on top of this four inch from ground wire and asked her to follow stepping over it. Well all was fine until she got across the first two feet and then the last hind foot got caught on the wire which was hot.Next was rather frightening.She ran around me in a circle twice dragging the hot wire with her which wrapped it around my legs between my thighs and knees.Then she took off dragging me with her, all the time the wires getting tighter around my legs. I truly thought my life was over. I could feel the wire cutting into me while I was getting dragged down the drive.She then turned up the road and headed toward the cattle barn and inlaws. I was absolutely screaming.Thank teh gods my inlaws heard the commotion and came running out and stopped her at the bottom of her drive. I was never so happy to see them for sure. As you can imagine the wire did quite a job on my legs and my head was kind of battered from bouncing on hte ground but I lived.

I think maybe there was some kind of inbred quirk in these beasts. I have never had one bad incident with her daughter whom I have now but sure did with the mares mother.Now if you recall I've mentioned before that she was my first horse(had pony)and neither myself or my parent really knew too much about horses.I hadd the pony who was very mean and liked to buck anyone off whom he could but that was the extent of my experience although he sure taught me to ride and stay on.The horse had had her pelvis broken by a draft horse when she was 3 months old.A very old vet in the area at the time(1957)who treated teh mare.He kept her in a sling for three month.She did have white hairs on her underside when she came to us but we were told by the "horsedealer" that she had been in a trailer accident yrs before.We knew no better.We didn't even know enough to notice how deformed her hind legs and hoofs were.When I can someday figure out how to post pics you will be amazed to see how this mare was. Her left hind leg in the thigh muscle had a sharp feelign bone which protruded out into the muscle which could be easily felt.When she walked her left hind swung out around clockwise with each step before placing it down.Her hoof was much higher on the inside because of this tahn on theoutside cause it was worn down from the circling action.But she was mine and I loved her and she would do anything for me but anyone else beware.If you were riding down the road and she saw a mailbox coming up you better beware as she would do her best to swipe you off.Once I had a friend who very well kneew how she could be on her when she decided to just leave the road and bolt right into the thickest of woods to try to get her off but to no avail.If she noticed a clothesline in a backyard you knew you'd soon be flying under it and you had better duck.But the second she got you off she'd be rihgt back to nuzzle your neck and look sorry.Yah, sorry, yup.The worse thing she ever did I think was this. I had had her for 7 or 8 yrs. Out of the blue for no reason when giving her a kiss as always she grabbed my neck with her teeth and picked me right off my feet.This was the most incredible pain I have ever felt and I have had 4 c-section,gall bladder surgery,appendix,tonsils,all out and nothing hurt that bad. I was helpless it hurt so much.Finally I reached up and cuffed her side of the head and she let go. I ahve never hit a horse for any reason but this was justified. My neck was bleeding and oh it hurt so much.For three months there were visible bruises.

Okay, sorry so long. I will yet figure out the cut thingy.As you can see I have never took lessons but have learned a lot on my own. It may well be a wonder I'm still alive. Oh, and I have so many more of these horror stories. I guess you could say I have learned the hard way. And now do you wonder why I want to buy a new horse since I am now not supposed to ride at all. My mare as said still needs much trianing and how after all I have experienced with her mom and grandmom could I feel okay about starting out this forbidden by doctor new riding venture with her. I love her to all hell but will this quirkiness show up in her as well I wonder. I think I will just wonder as far as myself due to my spine disease but once I do get another bombproof well trained one for myself another family member will go along with me on her and we will see I guess.

November 17th, 2007

07:40 am: Our first snow has fallen
Well, over the last couple of days we have gotten our first snow of the season. There are about three inches on the ground and it is snowing lightly at present.
I stayed at Jens for almost two weeks to help her out and help with the baby. Seems weird to have a grandchild born and have the mother want me around so much. It was not this way with any of Cara's three. She wanted to do everything herself and wanted no knowledge of mine at all.
Jen and Seth have been much different. Seth himself even asked me if I would spend the second week there as he was going back to work and wanted someone to stay with Jen. I can't say it made his mother very happy but oh well, as they say, she is a fucking nut and they don't want her advice. They are very controlling ppl and thought basically when the baby came Jen was just going to hand her over or something it seems. They have their house outfitted with anything a baby could need but I don't know why, she will not be spending a lot of time there.

Leah has gotten herself into a bit of trouble. Got caught by the VSP smoking pot in the parking lot on campus. She had an appt. with a lawyer yesterday. I think it sounds like some kind of racket. The lawyer seems to charge all these kids $300 and then he gets their charges dropped. He works out of an office by the college and seems to make his living off of this. I hope it all comes out okay. She can't attend college without federal loans and grants and she could loose them with a conviction. I'll be hoping for a good outcome. It was very stupid of her, especially since I had just left the college that night and when she had mentioned that these kids do this in their cars in hte lot I told her it was a real bad idea. I told her step by step just what was going kto happen and then the next morning she called and didn't want to tell me. she said it happened just like you said it would ma. Okay then, maybe she should have listened to me and avoided it all but thats not the way it works does it?

I have been packing some each day. There is just so much glassware to pack , just unbelievable what I have collected over 47 years. Ido hate to get rid of anything and am doing my best to throw stuff away as I pack. My whole drawer full of broken things which I have been carrying around for years is getting cleaned out. If I can't glue it back together this time, right now, then it is getting thrown away, I think. I will do my best.

I can't wait to get moved in over there. My very own room for my magickal workings. I never thought it possible. A door I can shut and maybe even actually be left alone . Hooray!  Kenny is going to go over there and re-construct my little barn today I think. I can't wait to be there. All the nice trees out front and a dirt road. The land is dry where the horses will be and we will be able to do something with them finally if we want to instead of being in this bog here.

The case with the landlord keeps getting better all the time. My lawyer says its just incredible how much info and proof of the situation we have. We have videos and pics galore. Have pics of it raining in my bedroom, water gushing all over as the garden hose water pipes burst. Got pics of a bic lighter fittting beneath the door where the huge gap is. Oh it just one thing after another. The guy from natural resources came again the other day to see if he has done anything about the sewer running into the brook yet but he didn't. He did put the grey water back into the sewer system so at least it's not running into the field and brook anymore. The town even let him get aaway with it as he's the largest tax payer in the town and the health officer also told my lawyer thta they have let this situation here slide as they are afraid of repercussions from the Howrigan family. They are so involved in everything around here that it makes it hard. His father wa s a state senator for 28 years, they are pres. of the milk co-op, they are massive land owners andd they do what ever they want and no one tells them any different. They had a hired man by the name of Dragon. They took him up into the woods every morning for eyars and years and dropped him off to workk for the day. They left him with a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. They would come back at 6 at night and get him. I believe they did that for over 20 years. They paid him $3 a day. How awful. They knew he wasn't real intelligent and that they could use him and get away with it. He died back a couple of years now and I bet they miss him. they have never come and looked for their horse who disapeared earlier this year. He had been lagging behind the rest all summer and was arthritic. He then just was never seen again. I sent ppl out to look jfor him and I looked where and when I was able. HE must be in the back 2000 somewhere. I know he got down and couldn't get back up again. He must have starved to death in hte end I would think. It is just so horrible. I don'l tknow how they can live with themselves. I couldn'lt do something like that to anyone or thing for any reason. I wouldnn't be able to rest until I had found my horse.But that's what being a Howrigan is all about. Last year a cow which was in the road got hit by a car and was injured and could not retract it's tongue back into it's mouth. They drove it back into the pasture and left it there to die four days later and tehn the coyotes ate her. I am so glad to be m;oving away from this kind of thing. And by the way they believe they are christian and catholic. Yup, okay. 

Okay, got much to do today and only half a body to do it with so I better get at it while I can still move. 

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October 22nd, 2007

06:37 am: Dillen Lynn Morgan

Well, the baby did come yesterday. The babys heartrate dropped dangerously low and they took her right down to the OR for a C-section. She was not too happy about it  but realizes it had to be done for the babys sake. I had all four of them by C-section. Being the tough old bird I am I still left the day after by signing myself out and was up and walking around three hours after coming back from recovery. I hope she doesn't do that. Just stay there a few days and rest. She had already asked me to be there at her house for a week once the baby came anyhow and now she really will need the help.
 Lots to do today since I was down there all day yesterday. Better get at it I guess. Oh, I wonder if I can figure out how to put a pic of her in here. Maybe I'll try.Guess I don't know how,maybe someday. Oh whats this button for?

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October 21st, 2007

05:25 am: Jens Baby Will be born Today

Getting ready to go to the hospital to attend the birth of Dillen. They decided finally that Jen has been pregnant long enough and they are inducing her this morning. This now will make two girls and two boys. Well, got to get ready.

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October 18th, 2007

06:49 am: Lots of Stuff Going On

We have found a house to move in to. My friend Jeff is going to rent us his house as he isn't using it. What a mess it is indeed. He hasn't been living there for a few years now and has really done nothing there for cleaning since 1989 when he bought it. We had to start with brushhogging a path to the front door.We have brushhogged aabout three acres so far making it much better for the horses. The house is smaller than the ten rooms here but it will be okay. We have worked over there trying to get it ready for 171 hours so far and haven't even got into the house yet as Jeff needs to empty it out first. It is just crammed with crap from everywhere. Some stuff he picks up on the side of the road.

Leah is doing very well at college. She emailed me her grades so far yesterday andd they were either A's or B's. Way to go Leah. I was hoping she would do well but was a bit concerned since it is her first college experience.I think spending last year on her own in Bolivia was a huge help in getting her ready for this year. Got all that being on your own for the first time stuff done with before college.

Jennifer is now four days overdue with her little girl and gramma is getting anxious to see her. She will be my second grandaughter and I also have two grandsons. This is Jens first though. The rest live in Rhode Island. Jen wants to have this baby right away. She is sick of being pregnant and that's something I can remember very well. We went hiking up on the mountain on Monday for an hour or so. I was having a real good day with my spine disease and wanted to go so I did. The doctor don't need to know everything as he would have a fit.

My farrier came day before yesterday to do trims for Echo and Jake. I have had him for many,many years. He is very interesting to talk with. His father was very famous. He was the eighth president of Yale University. He has the name of his father as well, Kingman Brewster. After his time at Yale he was our ambassador to England. During this time they lived in homes that I can only imagine. He had four different U.S. presidents in his home. Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Gerdald Ford. He was telling me of speaking to the SS guards and asking them what life was like following the presidents around all the time. He was told all in all it was a good life but at times there were small difficulties , and pointed to one guard next to him and said like this guy here; Ford likes to ski alot he said and this guy here can't ski. He says at times like that you learn sking in a hurry. He talked of visiting the horseshoers barns at Buckingham Palace and observing their techniques. He said they do not use nippers. they use an old sword blade which is then hammered around the hoof to remove the excess. He spoke of the gorgeous carriages of the queen and they sure sounded wonderful. He told me how one time after his family had tired some of living at the embassy they were offered a manor a little out in the country and they moved in. A lovely thatched roof home. They ended up buying one of them in a few years and had it until a couple of years ago when his Mom died and the family sold it as most of them live here. He has been shoeing horses for 35 years now. I think most interesting was listening to him tell of a huge ball put together by the Royal family to introduce Prince Charles to all the eligible young women. He was just a young man then Charles was. Kingman spoke of his two sisters being invited to the ball as eligible young girls and them getting all dressed up for it. I find it so interesting to listen to him speak of all his adventures as the son of a Yale Pres. and ambassador.

We have had a wonderful fall up here in northern New England this year but winter is coming fast now. We got a real hard frost yesterday. You can feel it coming in the air. Samhain will be here before we know it. I can't wait to move into our new home. I will be able to have my won room there for Craft practice. I can't wait to decorate it. More even I can't wait to have a place to practice away from the other people in the household. A room with a door that shuts. Cool!!

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August 18th, 2007

11:59 am: Off to college she goes

Jeez, only six days and Leah goes off to college. Since she is the youngest of four girls this will leave the house a bit empty. I had plenty of practice for that though while she was in Bolivia her senior year. She won't be that far away and I do enjoy the quieter atmosphere around home for the most part. I never would have believed how expensive it is proving to acquire all the textbooks that she needs. Even used and toting mold one was almost $60. It will be around $500 altogether. I can't even imagine what they would add up to new. I will miss her always happy and giggly personality without doubt.
Sure is cool here today. It is about 50 and almost noon. We are given these early in the season cool days so that we don't stray too far from the reality of winter in northern New England I think. They sure do come every year and they always bring the feel of frigid cold back to me quickly. I do so enjoy the autumn though. Not a better time of year exists for me anyway. The crisp, cool days so calling for you to come out and take part in them. It's the time of year where it is still very nice out and yet you can exert a bit of energy without the sweat. And the wheel of the year continues to turn.
Echo and little Jakey are starting to add more hair to their coats already. Happens early up here. It always surprises me to see that more times than not they will chose to stand outside in a storm with their backs to the wind when they can come into their little barn and snuggle up.They sure are healthy so I try to leave it up to their judgement which is best, let it be their own choice where they want to be.
Well, I guess I need to run into town and pick up a couple of things to thwart off all the negativity which will come my way when the others get back from their daily activities and not find food within an hour or less of being ready. Imagine! I'm not sure what has ever given anyone the idea that I have signed on as chef but they sure got it somewhere.When it was just Kenny and myself,and Leah when she's in the country, it was one thing. Now that there is five I think that someone else needs to have a part in it as well. Oh well, I just as soon not deal with it today, the rest of the day seems to be going okay so I'll just do what I can to keep it that way. Although I must say things seem to be a bit brighter in general lately and I'm quite sure I know why but will save that for another time.
With the close of another season it will be time to harvest and dry the herbs,roots and whatnot that I may need. Only have perennials this year as with the threat of having to move I did not plant anything that I might not be here to harvest, to leave behind.
On that note, my lawyer says this is without doubt a retaliatory eviction and with all the agencys that are involved in this because of all the irresponsible behavior of this landlord we will certainly win the case in the end. I've never had money in life so I really don't care so much about that but like I told the lawyer this man needs to be taught the meaning of what it is to be a landlord and to be sure that he thinks twice before ever assaulting the environment or another human like he has here and to us again. The guy from the Agency of Natural Resources was very upset over the pipe which leads from the septic tank to the brook for sure. It has upset me for seven years now I'm glad it's finally upsetting someone else. Good. Wonderful! There is I believe 76 complaints against this landlord on our countersuit. Our lawyer says that is nearly unheard of, a landlord just being that ignorant of the health and welfare of others. Once when I asked this man how I was to get out of the upstairs windows in case of fire,as they were very small and crank out, he said,"Adrenaline is the answer to that," "When the flames start licking your ass, you'll figure it out." I was shocked when I heard that. My lawyer says all this stuff is great and the fact that all these years I have kept a journal on this guy with everything he has said or done in it is just unbelievably a very smart thing to have done on my part. Cool, I thought it likely would be. 
Okay, off to town-

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