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06:49 am: Lots of Stuff Going On

We have found a house to move in to. My friend Jeff is going to rent us his house as he isn't using it. What a mess it is indeed. He hasn't been living there for a few years now and has really done nothing there for cleaning since 1989 when he bought it. We had to start with brushhogging a path to the front door.We have brushhogged aabout three acres so far making it much better for the horses. The house is smaller than the ten rooms here but it will be okay. We have worked over there trying to get it ready for 171 hours so far and haven't even got into the house yet as Jeff needs to empty it out first. It is just crammed with crap from everywhere. Some stuff he picks up on the side of the road.

Leah is doing very well at college. She emailed me her grades so far yesterday andd they were either A's or B's. Way to go Leah. I was hoping she would do well but was a bit concerned since it is her first college experience.I think spending last year on her own in Bolivia was a huge help in getting her ready for this year. Got all that being on your own for the first time stuff done with before college.

Jennifer is now four days overdue with her little girl and gramma is getting anxious to see her. She will be my second grandaughter and I also have two grandsons. This is Jens first though. The rest live in Rhode Island. Jen wants to have this baby right away. She is sick of being pregnant and that's something I can remember very well. We went hiking up on the mountain on Monday for an hour or so. I was having a real good day with my spine disease and wanted to go so I did. The doctor don't need to know everything as he would have a fit.

My farrier came day before yesterday to do trims for Echo and Jake. I have had him for many,many years. He is very interesting to talk with. His father was very famous. He was the eighth president of Yale University. He has the name of his father as well, Kingman Brewster. After his time at Yale he was our ambassador to England. During this time they lived in homes that I can only imagine. He had four different U.S. presidents in his home. Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Gerdald Ford. He was telling me of speaking to the SS guards and asking them what life was like following the presidents around all the time. He was told all in all it was a good life but at times there were small difficulties , and pointed to one guard next to him and said like this guy here; Ford likes to ski alot he said and this guy here can't ski. He says at times like that you learn sking in a hurry. He talked of visiting the horseshoers barns at Buckingham Palace and observing their techniques. He said they do not use nippers. they use an old sword blade which is then hammered around the hoof to remove the excess. He spoke of the gorgeous carriages of the queen and they sure sounded wonderful. He told me how one time after his family had tired some of living at the embassy they were offered a manor a little out in the country and they moved in. A lovely thatched roof home. They ended up buying one of them in a few years and had it until a couple of years ago when his Mom died and the family sold it as most of them live here. He has been shoeing horses for 35 years now. I think most interesting was listening to him tell of a huge ball put together by the Royal family to introduce Prince Charles to all the eligible young women. He was just a young man then Charles was. Kingman spoke of his two sisters being invited to the ball as eligible young girls and them getting all dressed up for it. I find it so interesting to listen to him speak of all his adventures as the son of a Yale Pres. and ambassador.

We have had a wonderful fall up here in northern New England this year but winter is coming fast now. We got a real hard frost yesterday. You can feel it coming in the air. Samhain will be here before we know it. I can't wait to move into our new home. I will be able to have my won room there for Craft practice. I can't wait to decorate it. More even I can't wait to have a place to practice away from the other people in the household. A room with a door that shuts. Cool!!

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