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07:40 am: Our first snow has fallen
Well, over the last couple of days we have gotten our first snow of the season. There are about three inches on the ground and it is snowing lightly at present.
I stayed at Jens for almost two weeks to help her out and help with the baby. Seems weird to have a grandchild born and have the mother want me around so much. It was not this way with any of Cara's three. She wanted to do everything herself and wanted no knowledge of mine at all.
Jen and Seth have been much different. Seth himself even asked me if I would spend the second week there as he was going back to work and wanted someone to stay with Jen. I can't say it made his mother very happy but oh well, as they say, she is a fucking nut and they don't want her advice. They are very controlling ppl and thought basically when the baby came Jen was just going to hand her over or something it seems. They have their house outfitted with anything a baby could need but I don't know why, she will not be spending a lot of time there.

Leah has gotten herself into a bit of trouble. Got caught by the VSP smoking pot in the parking lot on campus. She had an appt. with a lawyer yesterday. I think it sounds like some kind of racket. The lawyer seems to charge all these kids $300 and then he gets their charges dropped. He works out of an office by the college and seems to make his living off of this. I hope it all comes out okay. She can't attend college without federal loans and grants and she could loose them with a conviction. I'll be hoping for a good outcome. It was very stupid of her, especially since I had just left the college that night and when she had mentioned that these kids do this in their cars in hte lot I told her it was a real bad idea. I told her step by step just what was going kto happen and then the next morning she called and didn't want to tell me. she said it happened just like you said it would ma. Okay then, maybe she should have listened to me and avoided it all but thats not the way it works does it?

I have been packing some each day. There is just so much glassware to pack , just unbelievable what I have collected over 47 years. Ido hate to get rid of anything and am doing my best to throw stuff away as I pack. My whole drawer full of broken things which I have been carrying around for years is getting cleaned out. If I can't glue it back together this time, right now, then it is getting thrown away, I think. I will do my best.

I can't wait to get moved in over there. My very own room for my magickal workings. I never thought it possible. A door I can shut and maybe even actually be left alone . Hooray!  Kenny is going to go over there and re-construct my little barn today I think. I can't wait to be there. All the nice trees out front and a dirt road. The land is dry where the horses will be and we will be able to do something with them finally if we want to instead of being in this bog here.

The case with the landlord keeps getting better all the time. My lawyer says its just incredible how much info and proof of the situation we have. We have videos and pics galore. Have pics of it raining in my bedroom, water gushing all over as the garden hose water pipes burst. Got pics of a bic lighter fittting beneath the door where the huge gap is. Oh it just one thing after another. The guy from natural resources came again the other day to see if he has done anything about the sewer running into the brook yet but he didn't. He did put the grey water back into the sewer system so at least it's not running into the field and brook anymore. The town even let him get aaway with it as he's the largest tax payer in the town and the health officer also told my lawyer thta they have let this situation here slide as they are afraid of repercussions from the Howrigan family. They are so involved in everything around here that it makes it hard. His father wa s a state senator for 28 years, they are pres. of the milk co-op, they are massive land owners andd they do what ever they want and no one tells them any different. They had a hired man by the name of Dragon. They took him up into the woods every morning for eyars and years and dropped him off to workk for the day. They left him with a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. They would come back at 6 at night and get him. I believe they did that for over 20 years. They paid him $3 a day. How awful. They knew he wasn't real intelligent and that they could use him and get away with it. He died back a couple of years now and I bet they miss him. they have never come and looked for their horse who disapeared earlier this year. He had been lagging behind the rest all summer and was arthritic. He then just was never seen again. I sent ppl out to look jfor him and I looked where and when I was able. HE must be in the back 2000 somewhere. I know he got down and couldn't get back up again. He must have starved to death in hte end I would think. It is just so horrible. I don'l tknow how they can live with themselves. I couldn'lt do something like that to anyone or thing for any reason. I wouldnn't be able to rest until I had found my horse.But that's what being a Howrigan is all about. Last year a cow which was in the road got hit by a car and was injured and could not retract it's tongue back into it's mouth. They drove it back into the pasture and left it there to die four days later and tehn the coyotes ate her. I am so glad to be m;oving away from this kind of thing. And by the way they believe they are christian and catholic. Yup, okay. 

Okay, got much to do today and only half a body to do it with so I better get at it while I can still move. 

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Date:November 18th, 2007 03:00 pm (UTC)
any chance this guy's first name is clark...last name begins with an "h"?
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Date:November 18th, 2007 04:46 pm (UTC)
Oh,my,my,first I must get over my shock.I really thought I was beginning to get this site figured out but obviously not as I thought this would go to my private part of my journal. Jeez, people must at times think I'm awful sharing with my life.I guess I don't know how to do it.I did wonder why I could see it on my friends page but once asked the staff about the posting part and they said(I thought) that I would see a post to my journal on my friends page but that others couldn't see it.Jeez, Ill never figure it out I guess and I don't know how to post pics either.Sometimes I feel so dumb!.
Okay, sorry but I'm sure you can imagine my shock. Wow, do you live around here? I have been here since 1972 and before that still right in the area.My landlord is John Howrigan. The senator(Francis' youngest son.But I think I know who you are talking about as well. Would it be Clark Hubbard?
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