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This is My Life

30 November 1959
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I am a 47 year old mother of 4 girls. I have lived in Vermont my whole life. I am disabled due to a severe spine disease and can no longer do much of what I love to do. I try to remain upbeat though.I do whatever I can to help others in any way I can and receive much gratification from it. I am very involved in the lives of my children who range in age from 18 to 28. I have been with my life partner Kenny for 13 years now. He is a blessing.Some days I need a lot of help from him with day to day needs and activities and then some days I'm okay on my own. I have always been a very busy,active woman and have not dealt well with the disease ruling what I can and can not do. I used to inseminate cattle for a living but can't anymore.I have always loved animals and have 5 dogs,5 cats,a horse,miniature donkey,doves,finches and a beta fish. I spend much time teaching others of proper animal care. I now have to live on disability but make the best of it. I have three grandchildren whom I adore and another on the way. I follow a pagan path in life and devote much time to the study of various traditions of the craft, knowing in time the trail meant for me will present itself. This journal will mostly consist of my convoluted journey through life. I would without any doubt say my best two qualities would be my honesty and my willingness to help others. My honesty more times than not ends up biting me in the ass. I desperately lack patience and sometimes tend to be a bit judgemental but realize these faults and am working on them.I was born with this uncanny ability to communicate with animals of all kinds but especially horses,dogs, and cats. I love to grow things and have a vast selection of herbs and perennial flowers. I also love to travel and just visited Bolivia this summer.